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Unveiling D-Cube: An Open Low-Power Wireless Networking Benchmark

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To rigorously benchmark the performance of low-power wireless systems under the same settings in harsh RF environments, we have organized a dependability competition, co-located with the EWSN conference, between 2016 and 2019. To support such a competition series, we have created D-Cube: a benchmarking infrastructure that allows to accurately measure key dependability metrics such as end-to-end delay, reliability, and power consumption, as well as to graphically visualize their evolution in real-time. Across the years, D-Cube's hardware, software, and backend has been upgraded and enriched with features enabling a remote evaluation of protocol performance. These features include binary patching to decouple the traffic pattern and node identities from the firmware under test, an improved power and GPIO profiling unit, an automated computation of the performance metrics, as well as the ability to generate reproducible interference using off-the-shelf Wi-Fi devices. Starting from November 2019, we have decoupled the availability of D-Cube from the dependability competition, i.e., the testbed facility is available in a best-effort fashion to any team that is willing to benchmark the performance of its solutions also beyond the timespan of the EWSN contest. In other words, D-Cube becomes a low-power wireless benchmark open to the community as a common yardstick to compare the performance of various protocols, as well as a way to raise the bar in the quality of networking experiments.

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