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The International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN) is a highly selective single-track international conference focusing on the latest research in embedded systems and wireless networking and their role as key enablers for visionary scenarios such as the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems. Building on the past 20 years of success, the conference continues its aim for broad, world-wide impact, and will undertake several important initiatives in its 21st edition, among others:
- EWSN'24 will be hosted outside Europe for the third time in its history, as it will be held in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE.
- Two deadlines: winter (February 4, 2024) and summer (June 9, 2024) with one-shot revisions.
- A PhD School & Community Event providing a forum for PhD students and junior Faculty.
- A sustainability competition focusing on battery-free systems.
- 3.5 days of technical program along with several social activities such as desert excursion.
- Several grants for students and women that fully cover both conference fees and hotel costs will be available.

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Technical Program Committee Memberships:

2024: [NEW!] WoLoLo @WoWMoM'24. [NEW!] ACM GoodIT'24, [NEW!] ACM SenSys'24.

2023: CPS-IoTBench @CPS-IoTWeek'23, WoLoLo @WoWMoM'23, EWSN'23, SPICES @EWSN'23, ACM GoodIT'23, WS06 @ETFA'23, NET4us @ACM MobiCom'23.

2022: IEEE WoWMoM'22, EWSN'22, USWC @EWSN'22, INSECTT @ETFA'22, STaR-IoT @IDE'22.


2020: EWSN'20, IEEE ICDCS'20, IEEE DCOSS'20, FRUGALTHINGS @ACM MobiCom'20, IEEE WoWMoM'20 (PhD Forum).

2019: IEEE DCOSS'19, CPS-IoTBench @CPS-IoTWeek'19.

2018: IEEE ICDCS'18, IEEE DCOSS'18 (conference), IEEE DCOSS'18 (posters/demos), SenseApp @IEEE LCN'18, ACS/IEEE AICCSA'18, CPSBench @CPSWeek'18, IEEE PerCom (Demos).

2017: ACM SenSys'17, IEEE ICPADS'17, IEEE DCOSS'17, IEEE ICDCS'17, IEEE MASS'17, IEEE ICCCN'17, IEEE CCNC'17, ICFNDS'17, HumanSys @ACM SenSys'17, SenseApp @IEEE LCN'17, MadCom @EWSN'17.

2016: EWSN'16, IEEE MASS'16, IEEE INDIN'16, SENSORCOMM'16, HealthyIoT'16, IEEE PerCom (WiP session), SenseApp @IEEE LCN'16, MadCom @EWSN'16.

2015: IEEE ICDCS'15, IEEE MASS'15, RealWSN'15, S-Cube'15, HealthyIoT'15, CoCoNet'15, SenseApp @IEEE LCN'15, ALGOSENSORS'15, SENSORCOMM'15, UBICOMM'15, SustainIT (PhD forum, WiP, and demo session), IEEE PerCom'15 (WiP session).

2014 and earlier: UBICOMM'14, SNIGM @ANT'14, UBICOMM'13, SNIGM @ANT'13, UBICOMM'12, IEEE ISWCS'12, SNIGM @ANT'12, SNIGM @ANT'11.

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